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For years, Dr. Bayne has been providing the community of Rochester Hills with high quality vet care for animals both small and large. His compassion for animals combined with his comprehensive understanding of animal owner's needs sets him apart in the industry. The health and wellbeing of your pet is our primary concern. Bayne Mobile Veterinary Services treats each pet as if it were our own. It's simply the only way we know, and we wouldn't want to have it any other way.

Ever since graduating from Michigan State University, he has devoted his life to continue refining his processes and staying on top of the latest veterinary advancement the industry has to offer. This high level of dedication continues to set him apart in the industry and present challenges to continue testing his skills of running the best Rochester Hills Mobile Animal Service. And to be honest, the only path he has ever taken is the one that will ensure the victory goes in the favor of those who make his lifelong commitment live on each day. Pet owners that demand excellence when it comes to caring for their pets.

Animal Hospital Rochester Hills

Bayne Mobile Veterinary Services is powered by the latest vet technology in the industry. We adapt with change rather well, opening treatment options that may not have been available before. This could be why we many's Rochester Hills vet service choice. Not to mention, he constantly analyzes the "customer experience" to ensure that those who choose him don't end up disappointed in the long run. It's a vet service that's truly focused on making the world a better place.

Our procedures and policies ensure that our customers are never forgotten and that they always feel appreciated. Attention to detail, caring staff, and an open mind is exactly how we've been able to build and grow a Rochester Hills Mobile Veterinary Service that embraces a driven, yet enjoyable culture. It's diverse, energetic, and smooth over here. When we love what we do, we perform the best and there is simply nobody better than the team than Bayne Mobile Veterinary Services.

If you need information on our services or other vet-related topics, feel free to browse our website. We have spent tons of time creating guides and articles that helps pet owner's understand things a little bit easier. It is our goal to put the ultimate guide to pet health right at your fingertips.

For emergencies, please contact us by phone. All other inquiries can be made via our website if you wish to do it that way. We will do our best to help explain everything and get your pet booked in with the premier Veterinary Service in Rochester Hills. Our experience with all types of situations ensures you truly have the right one in your corner. Everyone gets a plan that's custom-tailored to ensure the pet receives the best treatment possible and pet owners get the education they seek.

At Bayne Mobile Veterinary Services, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are. Contact Bayne Mobile Veterinary Services Today!

Dr. Norman Bayne
Rochester Hills Veterinarian | Bayne Mobile Veterinary Services | 248-506-1104

3005 Lexham Lane,
Rochester Hills, MI 48309

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "My family is so very grateful to Dr. Bayne, Christine, and the sweetest lady who took my call soon after Auggie passed at our home. We can never thank them enough for fitting Auggie into their schedule when he started to decline recently. Their help put a skip back in his step - the best quality of life for him - for the last two weeks of his life. He was so very special to us and to think we had him nearly 12 years? He gave this family a lifetime of memories!"
    Paula, Milford
  • "Our 13 year old cat who was terrified of going to a vet office was also very sick. I was so happy to find Bayne Mobile Vet Service so our cat would not have to suffer any more. It was a very sad day to put him down but everything was done with such professionalism and heart that it made the whole experience much better. Thank you Dr. Bayne and Ms. Christine is an amazing lady!"
    Nikki D, Rochester Hills
  • "Being new pet owners, earlier this summer my husband made the mistake of a chemical cleaning spray to wipe down our puppy's kennel when I was away for a girls weekend and she got very sick. Luckily, the emergency vet was able to help her and she's okay now, but after that incident I made sure that we did a lot more pet safety research, which lead us to your page. Your listed resources have been a huge help to us the last few weeks, so thank you so much for including them on your site. Thank you again for providing wonderful pet-friendly information. I hope you enjoy your summer!"
    Angela, Rochester Hills

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